Message from Patricia Q. Garcia CAVS

TADVS President

                  "The most powerful thing on earth is the human soul on fire.” Ferdinand Foch


'We' are the people connectors; ‘We’ are the expert hat wearers– one minute we are interviewing prospective volunteers, the next minute 'We' may be handling the staffing or the crisis in the gift shop, emergency department or that meeting; ‘We’ are the impromptu event masters who plan and coordinate events and special occasions which draw in and connect the community to bettering and improving the quality of life in our communities.

‘We’ are the decision makers when it comes to resourcing the specialized and skilled ‘unpaid’ staff to positively drive patient-centered outcomes and measurements; the decision makers of the fundraisers or often act as the ‘buyer’ of our gift shops of our hospitals and health systems and work one-one-one with national and state-wide markets,  ‘We’ are the friends, the teachers, the parents, the unlicensed social workers of hundreds of teen volunteers during the summer who are seeking a glimpse at their future.

In service to you and in anticipation of your professional development needs and requirements, your awesome TADVS Education Summit Team and the rest of your TADVS Board, we have succeeded once again in planning a great, exciting annual education summit in Dallas Texas, title of the summit is… “Leveraging the Impact of Volunteer Resources”! Whether we work in large or small hospitals, serve metropolitan or rural townships - as part of our profession, we leverage the impact of volunteer resources to benefit both internal and external stakeholders. Join us in honor of 'you' at our TADVS 2018 Leveraging the Impact of Volunteer Resources Education Summit, March 4th - 7th, at the Lorenzo Hotel in Dallas, Texas!

'We' love what we do because it challenges us beyond the norms – 'We' are better because of it. 'We' make a difference from the smallest to the largest service project touched by volunteer hands and hearts. 

I hope each of you can attend, so register early through our website. I look forward to seeing as many friends and colleagues as possible. Be sure to ask about the early registration discount!


 Click HERE

to see prices and register now!

In service and collegial appreciation,


Patricia Q. Garcia, CAVS

2017- 2018 TADVS President

Director Volunteer Service

Medical Center Health System, Odessa, TX



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