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2020 Education Conference

Make Every Day Your Masterpiece

Justification for Travel 

How to Justify Attending a Conference

Many travel and training budgets are tight. When you ask to attend this conference, you may need to be ready to justify why you should attend and what your hospital will gain from you attendance. 

Why this conference? 

Make Every Day Your Masterpiece is the theme of this year’s TADVS Annual Education Conference.  This is a professional membership group of volunteer resource professionals and retail professionals throughout the State of Texas .  The annual education summit provides educational programming on the most vital topics in healthcare volunteer management along with networking opportunities to learn and share best practice programs and services. 

This is an intensive summit aimed at packing in as much as possible in a short period of time to cut down on travel costs and time away from the office.  You will gain a full year of benefits from educational opportunities and from professional networking contacts to help you throughout the year.  The conference sessions serve to inspire and provide innovative solutions to challenges facing volunteer leaders.  TADVS is the only source in Texas to provide healthcare specific education and resources for volunteer professionals. 

TADVS Conference Justification: 

  • Low registration and most meals included during the conference
  • Access to best practice programs that increase patient satisfaction
  • Only 2-3 hotels nights at the low $119 rate
  • Only 2-3 days away from the office
  • Calculate your travel to and from San Antonio


Benefits of the Engaged Employee -Benefit from the promise of more engaged healthcare volunteer resource professionals! How do you stay engaged in what you’re doing? Healthcare volunteer management professionals and their employers benefit from employees who are excited by and loyal to their professions. This loyalty is generally a win/win proposition for both the professional and the company as the healthcare executive pursues his or her passion and both the individual and the company benefit.

Engagement reflects an emotional bond with one’s work and workplace. Business units in the top half of employee engagement show on the average:

  • 86% higher success rate on customer metrics
  • 70% higher success in lowering turnover
  • 70% higher success rate in productivity
  • 44% higher success rate in profitability
  • 78% higher success rate in safety figures                     

From: Follow This Path, Coffman & Gonzalez-Molina, © 2002 The Gallup Organization, pp. 127-128

Individuals who are engaged are likely:

  • To be more satisfied
  • To be more motivated
  • To be more committed
  • To have less burnout
  • To have higher morale
  • To be less likely to leave their job                               

 From: “Workplace Engagement”, Brooks & Jastrebski © 2005

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